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Oyster Ferry

Location: Caticlan to Boracay Island, Philippines
Phone: 0917-8587738 | 0922-8277358

oysterferry booth caticlan jetty port
Oyster ferry fastcraft ticketing booth (besides Metrobank ATM) in Caticlan jetty port

STEP by STEP Guide Going to Boracay and coming back from Boracay.

If you are in Caticlan Jetty Port , please find the guide below:

How to go to Boracay ( from caticlan jetty port )

a) If you are standing on the entrance of caticlan jetty port, go to the right side (Fastcraft).
b) Look for window that marks Terminal Fee ( Window 3 ) and pay Php 100 pesos , a ticket and a plastic card will be given to you.
c) Go to Next window that marks Environmental fee ( Window 2 ) and pay Php 75 pesos, a ticket will be given to you.
d) Go to OYSTER FERRY FASTCRAFT BOOTH ( on the right corner)and buy ticket and pay Php 50 pesos, oyster ferry ticket will be issued to you.
e) For Oyster Ferry Passengers , Window 1 is also a window for fastcraft ticket ( our competitor ) but you dont have to pay their ticket
f) After Securing the Terminal Fee ticket with plastic card, Environmental fee ticket and Oyster Ferry fastcraft ticket ,go to the Entrance of the Caticlan Jetty Port and leave your baggage or bag at the X-ray Machine, have it inspected by the X-ray personnel ( like the airport ).
g) Walk through the Metal Detector door and have yourself inspected by the security personnel.
h) Get your baggage or bag at the X-ray Machine and walk to the Tourist information counter.
i) Fill up your name at Tourist information Counter and walk through the exit gate.
j) Give up your Terminal fee ticket to the terminal personnel and swipe your plastic card at the sensor ( stainless small gate with stainless bar ), go through the stainless bar exit.
k) Walk to the pier ( straight ), an Oyster Ferry Fastcraft crew will assist you to the fastcraft.

If you are in Cagban ( Boracay Jetty Port ), please find the guide below:

cagban main entrance cagban boracay oyster ferry cagban ticketing booth
Picture of Cagban ( Boracay ) Jetty port Main entrance
View of Cagban ( boracay ) jetty port after passing by the entrance ( inside the terminal )
Oyster Ferry ticketing booth in Cagban ( Boracay ) Jetty port. After the entrance, look on the right corner.

How to go to Caticlan Jetty Port.

a) If you are in the entrance of Cagban ( Boracay ) Jetty port, Go to the entrance and look for Oyster Ferry Fastcraft ticketing booth ( on the right side of the entrance ).
b) Buy Oyster Ferry Fastcraft ticket for Php 50 and get Oyster Ferry ticket.
c) Go to the Terminal fee table ( on the right side of Oyster Ferry table ) and pay Php 100, a ticket will be issued to you.
d) Go to the exit and give up your terminal ticket ( pink color ).
e) Walk through the exit going to the pier ( on the left side ), an Oyster Ferry crew will assist you to the fastcraft.