Named as the “World’s Best Island” in 2012 by international magazine Travel + Leisure, Boracay is truly a beach destination making waves too big to be left unnoticed.


Located in the province of Aklan in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines.Belonging to an archipelago made up of 7,107 islands, the fact that it still stands out among the many beaches in the Philippines speaks of how impressive this island really is.


Boracay boasts of its powdery white sand and crystal clear blue waters, making it the perfect destination for beach junkies or simply anyone who just wants to get away from the mundane city life. Relax and work on your tan as you sunbathe in lounge chairs lined up by the beachfront or find escape from the sun in huts under the lush coconut trees.Any beach experience clashing your body against the wavesone after the other, or feel the warm, soft sand in between your toes as your feet buries in it while you play beach volleyball or frisbee.


If adventure is more of your turf, try out the exciting water adventures you can enjoy there. Catch a ride on one of the many colorfulParaws (sailboats) and go island hopping where you can explore nearby island beaches. Marvel at the colourful world beneath the waves Boracay is also famous for as you go snorkelling or scuba diving. Get splashed with the cold water as you ride the waves with a jet ski, kayak or banana boat with your friends.For those seeking for a thrill, kite boarding and windsurfing will certainly give you that adrenaline rush.


Take home something to remember your trip by (and we don’t mean the sand). You can buy various trinkets from the vendors walking around the beach, or you can do your own walking and stroll around the shops. Head on over to the D’Mall, your one stop shop for all your shopping needs in Boracay. From  souvenirs to designer clothes, you’ll surely find what you need there. Aside from D’Mall, there’s also Plazoleta where youcan get unique finds such as art or books. And when you get tired from all the shopping, you can sit down and have a drink in one of the juice bars or coffee shops there.

After all those water activities and shopping, you’ll surely work up an appetite. Feast on the freshest, mouth-watering seafood and quench your thirst with refreshing tropical fruit shakes from the many restaurants around. If you want to try something else other than the local fare,Boracay restaurants offer a wide range of different cuisines to satisfy all cravings. From upscale fine dining to al fresco restaurants, there’s a dining experience for every budget in Boracay.


As the day draws to an end, take things slow and feel the sand between your toes and the waves lapping at your feet as you walk by the beach. Share a quiet, romantic dinner with your special someone with the picturesque Boracay sunset as your backdrop. For those who want to live it up, hit the clubs, grab some drinks with your friends, dance to the hottest music and party ‘til morning with Boracay’s intoxicating nightlife.


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Puka Shell Beach

Puka Shell Beach, found on the northern part of Boracay, is the second longest beach in the island. This beach gets its name from having small shells and white coral amulets called Puka shells which can be used to make necklaces. Take a boat ride to better appreciate the scenery of this rugged part of Boracay.

 Balinghai Beach

 For those looking for a little more privacy, Baling-Hai Beach is the perfect place for that romantic getaway because of the rock walls enclosing the area. Aside from getting some quiet time by the beach, you can also go snorkelling in the coral garden near the shore.

 Cagban Beach

 Cagban which means “cave” or “chest” speaks of the fun activity one can do in this beach – treasure hunting – as it is believed that there are still treasure chests buried in the area. This beach is also great for relaxing after a tiring treasure hunt since it’s away from the busy White Beach.

 Bulabog Beach

 A windsurfer’s dream, Bulabog beach is truly a paradise for any adrenaline junkie because of it’s strong winds especially during the early months of the year. During its peak months, the beach is home to windsurfers and kiteboarders. However, during the monsoon season, one will feel the quiet side of Boracay as the beach is usually uninhabited.

 Punta Bunga Beach &Banyugan Beach

Want to feel like living in your own beach house? Punta Bunga Beach is home to establishments and private houses you can rent placed strategically to maximize the beautiful view. North of BuntaBunga is Bunyagan Beach where you can privately enjoy this secluded white sand strip. Near it is a piece of flat land, lined with coconut trees where you can enjoy picnics.

 Ilig-Iligan Beach

 Up for a little adventure? Ilig-Iligan Beach on the east of Boracay is home to several coves and caves where you can have a guided tour. Aside from bat cave tours, this beach is also great for snorkelling and scuba diving during the southwest monsoon season when the waters are usually calm and clear.

 ManocManoc Beach

 ManocManoc Beach in the southern part of Boracay is known for being windy all year round, making it perfect for various beach activities. Professional windsurfers and kitesurfers are usually seen in this area riding the strong winds and currents.

 Tulubhan Beach and Tambisaan Beach

For a quiet and cozy beach experience, Tulubhan Beach is perfect because of its many coves and old trees that can provide shade especially during the warmer months of February and March. A stones throw away is Tambisaan Beach which has a relaxed feeling because of a small fishing village nearby.

 Crystal Cove

Head on over to Crystal Cove island where you can experience the best activities the beach can offer. With activities such as snorkelling, trekking, cove adventures and seeing the aviary, there’s always something fun to do in this beautiful island.

Crocodile Island

Fifteen minutes away from White Beach is Crocodile Island which home to a diverse mix of impressive marine life. A great spot for diving, one can truly enjoy the best of underwater adventure in Boracay from this island.